Drug And Alcohol Rehab Costs before-rehab

The Cost Of Rehabilitation Explained

The cost of drug and alcohol rehab depends on the needs of the addicted person. Regardless of how much money you earn, there is always a form of treatment that you can afford.

Each rehabilitation treatment centre has its charges for the service. You will be given some services free while other treatments may costs you a couple of thousand of pounds daily. The treatment centre is not dependent on your budget, this is for all.

Rehabilitation is available to everyone if they are aware of what resources can assist them pay for medical care. You can also enlist the help of individuals who specialize in helping drug users to get money for treatment.

You will find various financing options in most rehab facilities, most will also accept insurance and others even provide financial aid.

Many people pay for the cost of drug treatment with the help of insurance. The quantity that an insurance covers is relied on the insurer and what the health provider accepts.

Drug rehabilitation is covered by a variety of insurances including

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • State-financed health insurance
  • Private insurance
  • Military insurance

For those people who have no insurance, they have some ways to get the treatment help. Find the less-income or free rehab centre. Financing options are available from some rehab centres. A place that you pay is often better equipped than a free service offering facility and will not have long queues of waiting patients.

There is inpatient rehab centres that offer loans to those not covered by insurance.

You have to think of rehabilitation as an investment even if you're afraid to take on debt. Overtime it is beneficial. Becoming sober will open you up to many tools and skills that will get you back in work and give you a brighter future. Addicts that are now recuperated can save up more since they aren't wasting money to buy drugs or alcohol.

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The Costs Of Addiction Treatments

The cost of treatment at a rehab centre will vary and this will affect the total price.

Depending on your addiction you will be offered different types of treatment that are most suitable to you and the addiction.

Services and medical concern are some factors that impact on cost of rehab.

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A study on some rehabilitation centres, revealed the following costs for the stated treatments

  • Detox
  • The cost of detoxification can range from £800 - £1200 in outpatient treatment centres.
  • Detox is included in the inpatient rehab programs.
  • The total cost will depend on the type of drug addiction and the impatient program inclusion.
  • Elements with risky detoxification effects need more cautious monitoring, which could make the cost increase.
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • For a 30-day program, some inpatient rehabilitation can cost about £4800.
  • 30-day programs can also cost as much as £16,120 in treatment centres that are reputable.
  • The regular rehab's cost of someone who needs 60- or 90-day programs could be from £9700 - £48,300.
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Inpatient rehab is costly as compared to outpatient rehab for easy-going to moderate users.
  • Many outpatient centres cost £4,000 for a 90 day program.
  • The price tag of many outpatient programs, like the ones at Hazelden Betty Ford, is £8000.
  • The cost is based on the frequency that the person goes to the medical care centre every week plus the duration of the treatment.
  • Medicines
  • The type of medication will depend on the treatment required which will affect the cost.
  • Medication isn't always necessary for all recovering users.
  • Liquor and sedative addictions need medicines.
  • In the space of one year, one might spend a lot of money.
  • It can cost around £4000 a year for Methadone treatment.

The Price Of Being A Addict

The cost of a drug or alcohol addiction is far more expensive than rehab in the long run. If employed, drug and alcohol addicts tend to abscond from work more times than those not addicted, and this absence equals loss of income for themselves and their employers.

The costs of drugs and alcohol, lack of work and health problems all add up to a strain on finances.

Some users have reported spending tens of thousands of pounds on Heroin.

An alcoholic that drinks about 12-pack per day regularly for a year waste more than £8500. Legal issues could cost you thousands of pounds more. In the case of illicit drugs, it's not easy to tell how much the addiction will cost but it could easily be much higher.

The financial prices of addiction are just a piece of the overall picture. The cost on personal relationship and productive life in not included.

Factors For Pricing An Addiction Treatment

There are many aspects that cause an effect on the cost of addiction medical care. The factors that most stand out include

  • Type Of Facility
  • The difference in cost of residential and outpatient treatment is huge.
  • The cost of an inpatient program is higher due to the costs of accommodation.
  • The program and location length create high impact on cost of programs.
  • Areas that have a higher cost of living will have more expensive centres.
  • Treatment On Offer
  • When they begin rehabilitation, some may not need medical detoxification.
  • Less monitoring is needed for people in rehab coming off Cocaine as they do not experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms.
  • Alcohol and Heroin users can experience harsh withdrawal symptoms and will need medication and more care.
  • More treatment will require more money.
  • Counselling and other professional treatments will bring the cost up.
  • Facilities
  • The facilities for rehab need to be included.
  • Massages, acupuncture, swimming pools, tennis courts, large individual rooms or award-winning chefs are some types of amenities.
  • What makes the luxury centres where the rich and famous go for treatment are expensive because of the high-end maintenance amenities provided.
  • Rehab at a luxury centre will cost a lot more.
  • The more a centre has to offer in facility and services, the higher their charges but not all are beyond reach.

Not For Profit And State Funded Rehabs

If you meet the requirements for low income rehab you will probably go to a non profit making centre. Rehabilitation centres that are free of charge are referred to as Low-income rehabs. The availability of these programs ensures that anyone can access treatment regardless of their financial situation.

The Salvation Army is a popular non profit organization that offers free of cost rehabilitation for the ones that need it. The government also funds some rehab treatment centres for those who cannot afford.

How To Start

Getting the suitable rehab centre is the second step after problem recognition. Try not to let the cost of recovery a chance to keep you down. If you need to find a treatment centre that offers affordable financing options or accepts insurance, we can help you to find one.