Rehabilitation Costs For Alcohol And Drug Addiction before-rehab

The Cost Of Rehabilitation Explained

Where alcohol and drug addiction is concerned, the cost of treatment will vary depending on the individual user. There are cost effective options for every person that requires treatment.

Different treatment centres will charge differently for treatment. You will be given some services free while other treatments may costs you a couple of thousand of pounds daily. There is always a rehab centre that'll work for you regardless of your budget.

Rehabilitation is available to everyone if they are aware of what resources can assist them pay for medical care. Furthermore, there are people that can assist you finding a method to pay for a medical care.

Most rehab centres offer financial assistance options and accept medical insurance.

Medical insurance is the most popular form of assistance when covering the payment of rehab treatment. Insurance payment will be pegged on the premium you pay and also depend on your insurance provider.

Drug rehabilitation is covered by a variety of insurances including

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • State-financed health insurance
  • Private insurance
  • Military insurance

Not every individual has medical insurance, however there are many ways to access rehab treatment. Looking for a no-cost or low-income rehabilitation centre can be one method to get help. Or a centre that offers rehab payment plans based on your ability to pay. Free rehab centres provide financing options because they have partial funding and more waiting lists.

For people without insurance there are a host of rehab centres that offer finance options.

Your health is important, getting treated for your addiction is investing in your future so you should not fear to take a loan for it. Over time you will be able to pay off the debt. Returning on right track of life and career, being sober helps you with this. When you stop buying drugs and alcohol, you save a lot of money.

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Costs And Types Of Rehab Centres

The treatment plans your rehab centre offers you will determine how much you will need to spend to recover.

Depending on your addiction you will be offered different types of treatment that are most suitable to you and the addiction.

Many things contribute to the total cost of therapy, facilities, amenities, treatment plan and so on.

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A study on some rehabilitation centres, revealed the following costs for the stated treatments

  • Detox
  • Outpatient detox treatment is in the range of £800 - £1200.
  • Majority of inpatient rehabs have detoxification as part of the program's expense.
  • The specific cost of detoxification is based on if it makes part of an inpatient program and the kind of opiate addiction is being prescribed.
  • If you have an addiction to a drug with dangerous or violent detox symptoms the cost could be more, as careful monitoring from staff will push the price up.
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • For a 30-day program, some inpatient rehabilitation can cost about £4800.
  • For a 30-day program, popular centres regularly have a maximum price of £16,120.
  • Treatment for two to three months will cost anything between £9700 - £48,300.
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Inpatient rehab is costly as compared to outpatient rehab for easy-going to moderate users.
  • The charge may be just £4,000 for 90 days.
  • Hazelden Betty Ford is the type of outpatient treatment program which cost £8000.
  • The cost will be set by the amount of visits to the treatment centre each week.
  • Medication
  • How much rehab will cost you in total depends on the type of treatment and medications given.
  • Medicines are not necessary for every addict.
  • Liquor and sedative addictions need medicines.
  • This medication needs thousand pounds per year.
  • Recovering Heroin users may have to spend up to £4000 on methadone.

The Price Of Addiction

As much as treatment may seem expensive, it is nowhere near close to cost of using drugs regularly. Drug use can have a negative effect on your earnings since a person using drugs is more likely not to go to work compared to a person who is clean.

After some time, the cost of medications, legitimate issues, medical problems and loss of profitability at work all will include.

Previous Heroin addicts have mentioned that they used to spend a lot of money on their addiction.

It takes £8500 a year to fund an addiction to alcohol for someone who adopts a 12-pack daily. However this price tag doesn't involve legal problems, which can cost more thousands of pounds. It is more difficult to estimate how much you would spend on an illegal drug addiction as the cost can fluctuate and would be much more expensive.

The cost of addiction is not all about the money, your health, relationships and your life are also on the line. Your health, relationships and your life are also on the line.

What Will Determine The Cost Of Treatment

There are many aspects that cause an effect on the cost of addiction medical care. The factors that most stand out include

  • Kinds Of Centres
  • The difference in cost of residential and outpatient treatment is huge.
  • Residential treatment programs have to house the patients and provide more in-depth treatment and this is why the costs are higher.
  • The length of stay is also a factor to consider.
  • Areas that have a higher cost of living will have more expensive centres.
  • Treatments Provided
  • When they begin rehabilitation, some may not need medical detoxification.
  • Some like those addicted to cocaine do not go through severe withdrawal symptoms as others, and all they need is to be supervised during the process.
  • However, those fighting alcohol and Heroin addictions go through some very tough withdrawal symptoms during the detox that most will require help with some medicines to pull through.
  • The cost will therefore be higher for people who require more medical attention.
  • Professional therapy creates impact on the cost of rehab.
  • Facilities and Services
  • There will be additional charges depending on the kind of amenities offered.
  • Massages, acupuncture, swimming pools, tennis courts, huge individual rooms or award-winning chefs, these are all the services provided by the rehab centres.
  • The amenities provided in rehabilitation centres frequented by rich and famous people is what makes them so pricey.
  • The cost per month can be in the region of tens of thousands of dollars in these luxury rehabilitation centres.
  • More services lead to more price but most rehab centres are not very costly.

State Funded Or Non Profit Making Centres

There are rehab treatment facilities that are run by organizations that help the less fortunate members of society; these centres are support centres but not businesses looking to make a profit. Most of these rehab facilities offer free or very affordable treatment. The availability of these programs ensures that anyone can access treatment regardless of their financial situation.

Free rehab is available from the Salvation Army. People with low incomes can also take advantage of state-funded treatment centres.

Getting On The Program

Once you have decided to get help the next step is to find a facility that suits your needs and your budget. Think of the cost of rehab as an investment into your health and your life. We can give you all the help and assistance you need to find a rehab centre that suits you.