What Is Narcotics Anonymous support-groups

Narcotics Anonymous Background

Alcoholics Anonymous was the first successful addiction group in the UK after which others like the Narcotics Anonymous followed suit. After the successful implementation of the Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous was formed. NA provides the support needed by people who are looking forward to recovering or making an attempt to recover from an addiction of drugs other than just alcohol. The only thing necessary to become a member of NA is a wish to vanquish the addiction. Narcotics Anonymous groups make no distinction between types of addictive substances, including alcohol. Moreover, they admit that addiction to several substances is common indeed. Any addict who is looking forward to recovering is welcome to join the group.

From Los Angeles where in 1953, NA is present now in more than 129 countries of the world.

What Will You Find In Na Meetings

The first time doing anything is always unsettling, but be encouraged, everyone you'll meet at an NA meeting has been or is where you are right now. All NA members are actually recovering addicts who wish to help others surmount addictions.

You can be absolutely sure that the support group will provide really welcoming, caring, and non-judgmental environment.

In some of the meetings, there may be a speaker while in others people will be having open discussions.

During discussion meetings, members share their personal stories of addiction and recovery as they relate to their lives. The speaker sessions involve one person sharing their experience with the whole group. In discussion meetings, members share as much or as little as they wish but should mind the timing because consideration for other people is important. New persons are not made share, but if they choose to do so, they are welcome. No one will judge you since they are all required to only talk about their experiences and not that of others.

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Narcotics Anonymous And Religious Beliefs

NA meetings are underpinned by spirituality rather than based on any kind of religion. It refers to a higher power but no definition is given, because this notion can be understood differently by everyone. In some parts of the NA meetings, "God" is recognized and there is usually prayer at the end of the meetings. Some people though, will replace God with "Good orderly direction" or "higher power". The recognition of a higher power is supposed to enable a form of moral ground and strength and not necessarily religion.

A guide of what you are going to hear during your first meetings Here is a brief vocabulary of terms routinely used in NA meetings, taken from the NA official "Intro to NA" booklet

  • Addict
  • Using a certain drug isn't seen as the cause of the problem and the real problem is seen to be the addiction hence the use of the word addict.
  • Basic Text (NA Basic Text Or The Big Book)
  • The NA has a document that has all the ideas and objectives of the group.
  • Group
  • Members of an NA group attend regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Higher Power
  • This refers to any force, which is loving and is helping a member to stay clean and seek recovery.
  • IPs
  • Information pamphlets about NA.
  • Newcomers
  • Newly Registered NA members.
  • Relapse
  • When one goes back to taking the drug, they are fighting to quit regardless of length of time.
  • Sharing
  • Offering other members one's personal experience related to one's addiction and recovery.
  • Sponsor
  • This are the participants that guide others through the different recovery stages.
  • Trusted Servants
  • These are the leaders and heads of NA.

Closed Vs Open Gatherings

"Open" and "Closed" are the different ways through which people assemble in NA which is similar to that of AA. Any individual is allowed to attend open meetings, including those that are interested in the group and want to understand how it works or is looking forward to attending the meeting to support a loved one. Recovering addicts have exclusive use of closed meetings.

The members are free to choose the type of meeting they wish to be attending. This choice is best decided after you have experienced both forms of meetings.

12 Stages Of Recovery

The treatment and support provided by Narcotics Anonymous is based on the well-known 12 steps, established by AA. The fact that NA deals with different forms of drug dependence is the difference with the 1 stages used in Alcoholics Anonymous. You can get more information on the 12 Steps here.

Strength And Responsibility In Numbers

The NA community is one of its strengths. The meeting will always provide an environment in which the recovering user will feel comfortable since the people they'll find there are on the same recovery path as them.

After the new member is settled and can find their way around the group, it is time to look for a sponsor. This are people that are in the later stages of recovery and know more about the steps of effectively achieving that. You can have as many sponsors as you want which is beneficial to you.

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Are you ready to find a Narcotics Anonymous group for help in overcoming your addiction? You will have no difficulties in making a choice from the many options suitable for your needs and lifestyle from one of the 61,000 meetings, which are held every week throughout the world. Let us help you to find an NA group call 0800 246 1509 today.